Peninsula Vintage Auto Parts


Privacy and Security

We respect our customers and their privacy.  We do not sell or rent customer information to anyone.  We do not telemarket.

We store customer names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers in our database.  This information is maintained so we can locate your order if you ask us a question or so we can tell you when your order shipped.

We use your phone number only to contact you about a problem completing or shipping your order.  We may use your e-mail (or regular mail) address to let you know about special promotions, newsletters or other events.  If we send you email/mail you find annoying, just tell us and we'll take you off our list.

WE WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION IN AN EMAIL!  If you receive an email that appears to be from Peninsula Vintage Auto Parts and it is asking for any confidential information, DO NOT RESPOND.  It is not from Peninsula Vintage Auto Parts, and is some form of phishing.

At Peninsula Vintage Auto Parts, we never sell, rent or share your information with any third party.